Who are we ?

Briightens is a place where helpful information about improving lighting in residence as well as commercial spaces is shared. Accommodations have lighting pre-installed very often which is either not bright enough or many a time does not look elegant. Changing such lighting can be overwhelming especially with the correct placement, size, number, as well as sufficient brightness of lighting. This is where we lighting improvement understands the situation and are dedicated to help by sharing helpful, empirical, easy-to-understand information.

Our Goals

Always keep helping.

We often times are involved in field work while collecting data for our articles. During this we survey people about lighting. This sounds weird but many people don’t realize the importance of proper lighting. During our surveys we collect valuable data about the problems people face while choosing and installing lighting and on this website we make a helpful resource which is accessible for everyone.

When people have any question about lighting, we strive to become the best place for them. We work hard and will continue to share helpful information.

Our Content Creation Method

Here at Briightens we are committed to produce top quality content for our visitors. We follow strict content creation standards which meet the requirement of our visitors just to ensure that the data published on our site is in-depth, accurate as well as simple to understand.

Most of our information is based on real ground research which also involves direct consultation with lighting experts often times with relevant organizations as well.

Every piece of content is produced originally by us, except for some of the selected materials like licensed images as well as videos that are embedded. We include such media just for

  • Helping visitor in understanding the topic. We curate and provide content to meet the requirement of site visitors. Our research standards which may involve surveying buyers or meeting prospective buyers or people trying to solve a problem regarding certain item or process, we collect their questions and publish a detailed answer covering all the aspects of it. We also adjust the reading level to appropriate for our audience to provide an optimal Web experience.
  • Meet our commitment to excellence. We at lighting improvement work hard to provide an easy-to-understand, empirical, up-to-date and most relevant information related to a particular topic. We regularly update the content on our site to reflect any new as well revised guidelines as well as changing trends. We are completely transparent about the content creation process we opt. We provide a direct attribution or a direct link to a source within the content for the visitor to further get information on the topic.

Before writing any content, our team of journalists goes through the following processes i.e. researching, writing the content, editing it, proofing, conversion on the web , crosschecking and referring to helpful sources which further elaborates the topic for the user after then content is published.

Our Editorial team consists of professionals who have academic training in journalism, skilled in creative writing as well as have required education in related field. Editors have publishing experience of atleast 2 years.