How to know the worth of a chandelier (EASY METHOD)

How to know the worth of a chandelier (EASY METHOD)

While considering a new chandelier or trying to sell a old chandelier it is important to know what the actual worth of a chandelier. To know the worth of a chandelier, look for size of chandelier and the materials used in chandelier. for example, a chandelier with nickel frame and Swarovski crystals is more valuable than a chandelier with iron frame and K9 (Chinese) crystals.

Below is a detailed overview of different types of crystals as well as metals used in chandeliers as well as how much they worth. This will help to get an idea of how much a chandelier is actually worth.


Aftersale or aftermarket worth of a chandelier greatly depends over the materials used in the chandelier as well as where is the chandelier is actually selling. Best practice is to sell them at auctions.

A normal sized chandelier ( 20 inch wide and 25 inch long) with crystals can worth around 20 USD – 50 USD.

If the crystals are rare than they are more value. Same goes with the size, bigger crystals are more valuable. The condition of crystal also determines the aftersale value of chandelier.

It is important to know that there are different types of crystals used in chandelier for example swarovski crystal, swarovski elements or strass crystal, k9 crystals, asfour crystals etc.

Aftersales worth of chandelier with swarovski crystals

The swarovski strass is the most valuable crystal used in the lighting industry.

A normal sized chandelier ( 20 inch wide and 25 inch long) with crystals can worth around 20 USD – 50 USD. Depending over the number of crystals, the worth can increase even more.

Just a 3 inch long and 0.25 inch wide Swarovski crystal ball have a worth of around 70 USD. Hence, determine the number of crystals and the size of each crystal to get an idea of its worth. Having proper labelling as well as documents can help to get a fair price

Aftersales worth of chandelier with K9 crystals

chandelier with white k9 crystals

K9 crystals are machine cut and are readily available. Their aftersale is low compared to swarovski crystals. A normal sized chandelier with K9 crystal can have an aftersale worth of 10 – 30 USD.

Aftersales worth of Chandelier with Asfour crystals

chandelier with brownish asfour crystals

the asfour crsytals are another name for exquisite crystals used in the chandeliers. They are made in egypt and are valuable for the colors they come in.

other constituent of chandelier i.e metal also determines if aftersale value. If the chandeler is made up of metal frame only then, it can be sold to recyling. The scrap value of different metals is comared in the chart below.

The prices may vary slightly depending over the supply and demand at the buyer.

The price for scrap nickel is around 1.75 – 4.50 USD per lb.

For a chandelier made of brass only then its scarp price is around 1.80 USD per lb.

For a iron and steel chandeliers the scrap price is around 0.05 to 0.2 USD per lb

ROCKAWAYRECYCLING is one of the reputed places to sell scrap metal.

Dertermining worth of a new chandelier

New chandeliers have labour cost, manufacturing cost along with taxes added to the light fixture. However, depending over the size and materials used in the chandelier, one can get a fair idea about its worth.

How much are crystal chandelier worth of?

Crystals are of many types. The most commonly used crystals in chandeliers are Swarovski crystal, spectra crystal, strass crystal, lead free crystal, K9 crystal and asfour crystal. Depending over the type of crystal used in chandelier, the worth of that chandelier can vary.

Lets look at the worth of each type of crystal first which will further help in finding the worth of chandeliers.

Price from the official manufacturer website as well as trusted ecommerce sites.

Worth of a new chandelier with swarovski crystals

An average size 24 inch wide swarovski crytal chandelier can cost any where around 100 USD – 200 USD. From the official swarovski website, a 3 inch wide swarovski crytal worth around 69 USD. Since a chandelier is not made up of crytal only but, have a metal or plastic frame and have crytals for mere decoration, 100 usd for an normal sized (24 inch wide and 25 inch long) chandelier is totally fine. Depeding over the height of chandelier and number of crystals used the worth can vary.

Swarovski crystals are actually glass but what makes them expensive then glass is the production process as well as the choice of their materials. According to swarovski,

“Cutting hard materials such as crystal and gems in a way that they have a hundred identical facets in multiple directions, is a very complicated task. Each direction of the reflected light must first be calculated by computer, then it has to be simulated in 3D by a software, optimized and finally converted into control programs for complex machinery.”


Thus, a crystal that requires a complicated process for production as well as lack of competition, swarovski crytal becomes special.

A spectra crystal is produced by swarovski and it is generaly less expensive then swarovski crystal but still it undergoes strict quality control standards as well as precision cutting for optimum brilliance.

Strass crystal chandelier also known as Swarovski elements crystals are generally very expensive then swarovski crystals. Strass crystals are  the highest quality of crystals all over the world. Most of the high worth chandeliers have strass crystals on them.

An average sized strass crystal chandelier can cost a minimum 400 USD – 500 USD. While chandeliers with heavy strass crystals can easily cost around 1000 USD.

Strass crystals also have a special dust resistant coating which makes the cleaning of such crystals easy.

Worth of a new chandelier with K9 crystals

A small 11 inch wide and 11 inch chandelier with K9 crystals on it worths around 100 dollars while normal sized chandelier with K9 crystals worth around 150 USD – 200 USD. If thick crystals are used the worth will be more.

K9 crytals are optical borosilicate glass which have very low imperfections and can be trimmed to desired shape and size easily. Still, what makes them special is that while swarovski relies upon Lead content to add clearity in the crystals, K9 crytals are highly optic with a very less lead content.

Their production process requires them to heat at a very high temperature and then cooling the crystal which makes them free from wobbles. A k9 Crystal is about 10 – 15 % lighter then similarly sized lead crystal. K9 crystals no doubt offers high-end luxury and have high shimmer as they have a high refractive index.

All these features makes a k9 crystal special. Just like K9 crystals there are K5 crystals. The difference between K5 and K9 crystal is the lead content. A k5 crystal have low lead content compared to K9 crystal. Therefore, a chandelier with k9 crystal is more more valuable than a same chandelier with K5 crystals.

Worth of a new chandelier with Asfour crystals

Chandelier with asfour crytstal are produced by the brand asfour crystal in egypt. A normal sized chandelier (20 inches wide and 25 inches in length) can worth 200 USD – 400 USD depending over the material used in the chandelier frame.

Asfour crystals are exquisite but still thet are not as expensive as swarovski strass. They are cut by machine and require superior craftsmanship. Asfour crystals are know for their hogh lead content which makes them valuable also the variety of color they come in provides so much characters to their crystals

Asfour crystals are produced only in Egypt and are exported around the world from there.

How much are glass chandelier worth of?

A glass chandelier have a metal or plastic frame and glass is used as shades over the bulb.

10mm one square foot of glass can cost anywhere around 1.3 USD – 5 USD. On a Chandelier the glass itself adds no value. Glass chandeliers are more susceptible to price deterioration over time.

A glass chandelier with metal frame have more worth than a glass chandelier with a plastic frame.

A normal sized (20 inches wide), well designed and polished metal frame chandelier with glass shades have a worth of around 30 – 40 USD. However adding labour cost and manufacturing cost, the cost can further increase. That’s also the reason why market cost is high compared to resale cost.

Also the time chandelier was operating further reduces resale cost.

How much are metal chandeliers worth of ?

A new metal chandeliers with average size (24 inch wide and 25 inch in length) can worth anywhere around 40 – 100 USD. Adding manufacturing and labour cost can add an extra 20 – 30 USD in the worth. This price also depends over the type of metal used in chandelier.

The most commonly used metals in chandeliers are nickel, brass, wrought iron, stainless steel, chrome etc.

Nickel is an expensive metal around 100g of nickel costs around 7- 8 USD. Therefore, a chandelier with a nickel frame can easily reach 100 USD in worth also the added labour and manufacturing cost increases the value.

Brass chandeliers are also fairly expensive compared to iron, steel and chrome chandeliers. Though less expensive then nickel, a normal sized (20 inch wide and 25 inch long) brass chandelier worths around 80 -100 USD. However if brass is polished it can cost significantly more.

Chrome chandeliers have chromium which is also a valuable metal. A normal sized chandelier (20 inch wide and 25 inch long) with chrome frame can worth 90 – 100 USD. (Considering there are no crystals on it).

Iron and stainless steel chandeliers are of low worth compared to other metals. A chandelier with iron or stsainless steel frame without any crystals can worth 40 – 50 USD.

how much wooden chandelier worth of ?

Wood is not expensive the price of woodden chandelier therefore is of craftsmanship and manufacturing. A well polished wooden chandelier of small size 15 inch wide 20 inches long worth around 40 – 50 USD.


We generally see that some vintage and antique chandeliers are much more valuable than normal chandeliers. There are actually many factors that decide the worth of antique chandeliers. The most important of them is the historical background of chandelier.

In simple terms, if a chandelier was used by a historic king is still intact, its price is likely to be very high as there is no other chandelier like that.

The other factor is the number of buyers. If there are more buyers interested in buying a chandelier, the more competitive the price becomes and thus increases. To get an idea of its price again looking at the materials is helpful.

Additional information

How age of chandelier affects its worth

For an ordinary chandelier, with time, its value gets depreciated with the exception of certain materials like (diamonds, gold etc.). It is only if the chandelier was owned or made by some reputed person that it retains its worth.

Does design of chandelier affects is worth.

Design of chandelier do contribute in its worth. Design also helps to get an idea of the age of chandelier as design keeps evolving with time. Just by looking at the shape of chandelier one can get a little idea of what time it belongs to.

where to sell old chandelier

There are plenty of good places where an old chandelier can be sold at a fair price. It is however important to have all the necessary documents that can help to know about the authenticity of chandelier.

Restoration lighting gallery (rlg) have an experienced staff that carefully examines the worth of an old or antique chandelier. Anyone can sell a chandelier at Before selling to them, they require

Clear images of the light-fixture including closeups and different angles for careful observation. The images then should be send at 

In the message, myrlg suggests to add the price in dollars that the seller would want for it.

Old lights on are always interested in buying old light fixtures from anyone. Before buying chandeliers, they suggest to send an email at attached the pictures of light fixture or simply contact them at 860-676-2713.

These site is specifically for selling crystals. Ideal for them who have an old crystal chandelier to sell. They only buy fine crystals. Their buying process requires to make an appointment first.

The details of their buying process can be found here

Some other popular places to sell old light fixture includes ebay,, etc.

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