Corner lighting ideas for living room

Inspirational lighting ideas for living room to illuminate all the dark corners.


A LED artificial tree lamp is an elegant way to light up dark corners of a living room. These tree lamps have different lengths. From small table lamps to 4 feet floor lamps.

These lamps add festivity to dark corners in living room.


Recessed led lights are excellent to illuminate the dark corners of living room both the top corner as well as the bottom corner. The simplicity of recessed lights makes them easy to add in living room with other light sources.

Recessed lights used in living room should be of same size at all corner for a balanced illumination. A 4 inch recessed light is sufficient to illuminate dark corners.


Sometimes, there are situations when upper part of corner in living room is sufficiently bright but bottom of corner is dark. In such case, a modern LED lamp can be incredibly useful.


Accent lighting at bottom corners of living room. Here, a strip of LED is run along the corners of living room.

It’s a nice way to highlight the architecture of living room at the same time illuminate dark corners.


Just like at bottom corners, accent lighting can also be added at top corners of living room to illuminate them elegantly.


A modern living room with bright ceiling corners helps to eradicate darkness meanwhile track lights can be installed seamlessly with ceiling as shown in the image below can focus light wherever required most.

Overall, track lights with accent lighting at corners is a perfect combination to add a unique and beautiful look to living room.


Profile lighting in the ceiling, as well as wall sconces at dark corners, are excellently illuminating the living room.

The accent light around the furniture is a very classy look and can help to truly transform the look of living room during night.


Track lights in ceiling can be installed in a way that they cast their light directly at dark corners of living room.

This method is ideal for small and medium-size living rooms.


A modern LED floor lamp can serve both functions of illuminating dark corners as well as act as a decorative item in living room.

The color and design of the floor lamp should be matched with the overall look of living room. Know more on how to match floor lamps in living room here.


Table lamps with correct shades can cast their light in two directions. Thus, these lamps eliminate darkness from bottom corners as well as top corner of living room.


An open floor plan living room with a mix of hanging lights as well as recessed lights in the ceiling provides sufficient brightness in living room.

The accent lighting on the wall can be added which is comparatively darker than the other.


Off-centered lighting is one of the best methods of illuminating a dark corner in living room. Even if there is no power outlet at the corner, pendant lights can be increased in length by using a pendant light extension wire. The thickness of extension wire should be same as that of light fixture. Thickness of electric wire is measured in gauge.

To avoid any mismatch of wire, always a professional electrician should be consulted.


Modern design LED floor lamp with unique design adds a classy look to living room while getting the dark corner illuminated.

In this design the metal finish of lamp is complimenting the material of furniture whereas the color of metal is also carefully selected to match color scheme of living room.


A small sized living room with floor lamp sufficiently bright to illuminate corners. There is also a light source placed at the bottom to add extra light in the corner.

So, if the existing floor lamp is not bright enough, another light source can be placed at floor which all the time is completely hidden by furniture and provide light to balance darkness.


Another unique floor lamp design that acts as a decorative item, as well as cast, warn light to illuminate dark corners as well as makes living room cosy.

An elegant combination of modern furniture and lantern inspired like floor lamp.


Wall sconce is another widely used light source to illuminate a particular spot in living room. Simply place wall sconces either in pairs or single wall sconce where light is not reaching sufficiently.


A series of 10 recessed lights are placed across the corners of living room. This design is different to the traditional lighting layout of recessed lights.

However, depending upon the brightness of other light sources in living room, a layout like this can be helpful to illuminate corners. The recessed lights should be dimmable so that when less light is required these lamps don’t become the cause of glare.


Open floor type living rooms can also make use of accent lighting. To create an accent like this all the other light sources in living room should be either dimmed or turned of.

This help to illuminate corners when there is less requirement of light. For example, while watching tv.


Some living rooms have shelves integrated within the walls which makes a simple LED strip to add accent light difficult. In such case individual shelves can be illuminated to add a beautiful accent.

This helps to illuminate dark walls. Having such shelves at the corner will help to brighten it up.


Another inspirational lighting design for living room where center wall is well lit minimizing the dark corners.

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